Spokepersons and experts

Alice Charasse

Director General, RACOR en santé mental

Alice Charasse holds a Bachelor in Law and a Master’s degree in Criminology. In April 2016 she became the new executive director of RACOR (Réseau Alternatif et Communautaire des Organismes) en santé mentale for the Island of Montreal. Her strong belief in the positive impact a community network may have on mental health and the means to preserve it within the territory of Montreal motivates and inspires her to meet the associated challenges. Having previous experience in coordination planning and in the Montreal community organization sector she is proud to participate in this event that brings together all those that share a common desire to safeguard the mental health for all members of our population. Since 1985, the RACOR en santé mentale’s mission has been to unite, support, empower, and represent local and alternative organizations located within the Island of Montreal that are working in the mental health community.