Ian Kelly

Montrealer Ian Kelly is a self-taught singer, songwriter and producer. He has 6 albums to his credit so far: Insecurity (2005), Speak Your Mind (2008, certified Gold Record), Diamonds & Plastic (2011), All These Lines (2013), SuperFolk (2016), and SuperFolk Remix (2017). He has played over 500 concerts in Canada, France, Belgium, the United States, and England.

In 2014, Ian built a recording studio in Morin-Heights, where he makes his own music, and produces for other artists. He also directs his own record label, Sunset Hill Music, and writes music for television and film.

In June 2015, Ian Kelly made his first film: Ian Kelly Live/All These Lines Tour. The film made it to #1 in its category on iTunes. His most recent album, SuperFolk, released in March 2016, has been very successful, and includes the hit song Montréal.

Visit http://www.iankellysmusic.com/ for more information.

Don’t miss Ian’s mini-concert at the Walk! Starts at 10:30 am.

Paula Toledo

Master of ceremony

Paula M. Toledo is a Storyteller through He{ART}. She is a published Singer/Songwriter, Writer, Blogger, Podcaster, Inspirational Speaker, Global TV Morning News Mental Health Advocate/Correspondent, and Mental Well-being Advocate. She is one of the primary caregivers to her brother, who lives with Schizophrenia, and a survivor of her late husband’s suicide, when her children were just two weeks and two years old.

Be it personal and/or professional, whether embedded in tragedy or good fortune, all Paula’s experiences over the years have led her to show up today, to use her skills and art as a means to foster compassion and influence positive change for the mental well-being of all.

With the stories she shares, whether it be through spoken word, her Tedx Talk, ‘Why Wonder is the Bridge to Healing Stigma’, her songs, her blog and podcast Ode to Wonder, non-fiction or fictional stories, her artist’s lens has filtered each and every one of them. With such a different perspective, Paula has found a unique and approachable way to seed compassion and a better understanding for those affected by mental illness. Feel free to join her community on Facebook and Instagram.

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